Our Services

1. Recruitment Outsourcing

Let us find you the right candidates!

We are committed to advancing, elevating and promoting recruitment process outsourcing as a strategic hiring solution for organizations seeking to reach their highest potential through their people. Our team of highly trained professionals will design and execute the entire recruitment process, from advertising the job position(s), sourcing talent and conducting pre-employment screening.

This approach offers a wide range of benefits to your company including the ability to recruit multiple roles at different levels and across to wide-ranging recruitment expertise and experience and can alleviate pressure on your existing staff members.

2. Staff Management

Let us manage your staff with the utmost care!

We provide Staff Management services, a strategy by which HRM Compliance Limited
hires and outsources staff to you. Staff Management Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core competencies, and most importantly, cut costs and improve efficiency while having your Human Resources taken care of by us, the HR experts. One of the major advantages is cost efficiency.

It also means that a majority of the resources and attention that falls on the shoulders of your management professionals can be used for more important, broader issues within the company – which is always a good thing!

HRM Compliance Limited will handle the HR functions which are often streamlined. Such tasks include but are not limited to recruiting, hiring/terminating, payroll processing, contract developments, termination of contracts, grievance management, employee benefit administration, staff development, appraisals and much more.


We’ve got the experience to handle your HR needs!

We are HR consultants with a combined 15 years of HR experience from organizational management to labour laws and beyond. We are experienced in HR services related to recruiting, hiring, benefits, performance management, and training as well as the following:

  1. Conducting audits and ensuring HR processes and services are in compliance with established company policies and procedures;
  2. Building and/or improving your HR Structure;
  3. Advising companies on the administration of human resources policies and procedures;
  4. Developing, revising, and implementing HR polices and procedures;
  5. Serving as internal consultants by analyzing a company’s current HR programs and recommending solutions;
  6. Writing your HR Manual and creating a handbook.


Provide your employees with the benefits they’ve earned!

HRM Compliance Limited is dedicated to providing your staff with the necessary components for a desirable workplace. We will process and administer the following benefits to your employees:

  1. Health Management
  2. Workplace Perks
  3. Retirement
  4. Paid Time Off
  5. Professional Development & Training
  6. Pay Raise or Performance Bonus


Pay your people quickly and accurately!

We offer the following completely confidential, cost-effective, accurate and timely services that will lead to increased efficiency with payroll, decreased stress due to better follow-up and attention to detail, reduced legal exposure and reduced labour costs:

  1. Set-up & customized payroll input process: Fax-in/Portal/Time Clock
  2. Provide Advance Client Support (ACS)- One dedicated Account Manager
  3. Provide full tax liability coverage, all payroll related taxes- NIS, ED Tax, PAYE, HEART & other deductions;
  4. File and reconcile all payroll related taxes (SO1’s & SO2’s)
  5. Year-end SO1/SO2/P45’s/P24’s
  6. Weekly, monthly or annual payroll reports
  7. Automated Timekeeping/TLM (Time & Labour Management)
  8. HR Support Center/ HR On-Demand
  9. Check placed in Envelopes (if needed)
  10. Electronic payroll to bank
  11. Electronic submission of pay advise to employees
  12. Custom Payroll Report Creation – Any payroll information organized into custom format
  13. Emergency Net Check- net check amounts provided over the phone for terminated workers


Improve your staff’s skill set

In the modern competitive environment, employees need to replenish their knowledge and acquire new skills to do their jobs better. This will benefit both them and the company. HRM Compliance Limited wants you to feel confident about improving your staff’s efficiency and productivity, as well as finding new ways towards personal development and success. We can improve and/or implement your company’s formal training sessions (individual or corporate). All trainings should consider what employees need and how they can learn best. This is why we encourage employees and managers to consider multiple training methods like workshops, e-learning, lectures and more.

As part of our learning and development provisions, we can also arrange for subscriptions or educational material so employees will have access to news, articles and other material that can help them become better at their job.


Making sure your company is compliant with labour and employment laws

We will guide and instruct you on how to deal with employment/non-employment wages, working conditions, industrial relations and welfare of persons employed. Labour Laws refer to legislation in Jamaica which provides social and economic security to the workers. These Acts are aimed at reduction of production losses due to industrial disputes as well as to ensure timely payment of wages and other amenities to workers. This service aims to promote the following within your organization:

  • Preservation of health, safety and welfare of labour
  • Maintenance of good relation between employee and employer
  • Harmony between employee and employer

8. Cyber Services

Let HRM Compliance Limited, in Partnership with Tennant Enterprises, build your professional website and protect your company’s assets from harmful cyber attacks.

Tennant Enterprises was formed in 2019 by a brother and sister duo of cyber engineers. Tennant Enterprises was formed with the aim of bringing first word Cyber Technology services and protection to companies worldwide. The Company’s Co-owners are graduates of Florida International University and the University of Central Florida, holding Bachelors of Science Degree in Engineering and Computer Science.

The team’s senior cyber engineers come with a wealth of industry knowledge having worked in several countries in the world to include Singapore, France, Germany, Spain and the UK building and installing IT systems on ships being built in those Countries. Tennant Enterprise Technologies LLC comes with 10 years of expertise in evaluating the security posture of small, medium, and large companies. The team also possesses experience assessing critical US Government assets, both State and Federal, recommending viable solutions. These assets includes but are not limited to work alongside the US Department of Homeland Security, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and North Texas Food Bank just to name a few and recommend viable solutions. Our lead Engineers are OSCP and CRTO certified.

Our wide range of Cyber services include Web Development, Blockchain development and Cyber Security solutions along with all other IT compliments and components. According to the Jamaica Gleaner, Jamaica’s banks experience nearly two cyberattacks per week on average, and in one extreme month, hackers made off with $10 million, according to the latest official data. Cybercrime will eventually cost the world 10.5 trillion by 2025. Tennant Enterprise Technologies can give you a leg up when protecting your assets against Cybercrime. We can offer Comprehensive Cyber Security Assessments to ensure your applications are safe and secure for your clients:

  • Phishing Assessments – Test and report on how susceptible your user base is to phishing attacks and social engineering.
  • Web Application Assessments – Test and report on the level of security of your internet facing websites/applications.
  • Mobile Phone Assessments – Test and report on the level of security of your mobile applications.
  • Assumed Breach – Test and report on the configuration of your internal networks. If somewhere were to gain access to your network, to what extent could they compromise your company and the exfiltration of sensitive data?

By choosing to make these tests an annual or semi Annual activity for your IT systems, you are taking proactive steps to protect customer data, proprietary information, and save your company millions of dollars in legal fees and reputation.