HRM Compliance Limited is a human resource outsourcing company catering to
all your HR needs. Our responsibility is to be the intermediary between employers
and employees to ensure that your company’s polices and procedures are compliant
with the country’s labour laws.

Organizations are now outsourcing their Human Resource Services at a high level
because it has proven to be cost efficient, thus increasing productivity. Human
Resource is the brain and heart of a company which results in time consumption of
the management of this aspect of your organization. Companies are now
outsourcing this service so they can shift their focus to other core operations of
their business.

Our Services

We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.


Mission: to assist companies in building their Human Resource
Strategies. We are committed to improving and maintaining
productivity within your company.

Vision: to be the premiere Human Resource Outsourcing and Consulting entity serving Jamaica’s Business Process Outsourcing

Goal: to reduce your workload in Human Resource Management to improve efficiency in managing other core functions of your

Collin Tennant - Managing Director

“Building & Executing Your HR Strategies One Step At A Time”

Mr. Tennant is an experienced strategist with over 20 years of success working overseas in a managerial capacity for Fortune 500 Companies. He returned home to Jamaica and dedicated his time to the Human Resource Industry for the past nine (9) years. During his tenure acting in the capacity of Director at another HR Outsourcing Company, Mr. Tennant lead a team of HR Professionals in providing what many corporations have deemed to be exceptional HR Service to Jamaica’s Outsourcing Industry.

Mr. Tennant, during his tenure as Director at another HR Company, engaged and was successfully contracted by corporations including but not limited to Huaweii Technologies and Jamaica North South Highway. He personally managed these projects where he lead a team of professionals to provide various HR Services such as Staff Management, Payroll Processing and Recruitment Outsourcing.

Mr. Tennant’s experience in the Jamaican HR Industry makes him an excellent fit to manage HRM Compliance Limited.